Instagram Updates Potentially In Development

Instagram’s continuous stream of updates means that they’re always working on The Next Big Thing to keep their platform in top status as The Current Big Thing.

Right now, we have evidence that Instagram is testing the following two features:

Hashtag free posts.

According to The Next Web,  is a new post format that would involve users adding hashtags to a distinct section on posts instead of in the captions themselves. Theoretically, this would allow brands to still get the reach benefits of hashtags without having the giant blocks of them appearing in captions, treating them more likely categorization tools.

Audio messaging

A post from Matt Navarra got a glimpse of what looks like a new audio messaging feature that would be available in direct messaging.


Both of these features have yet to be even confirmed by Instagram, but the screenshot evidence is clear.

We’ll keep you updated on these as more information rolls out.

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