It’s July!

This month I’d like to take the time to talk to you about obstacles.

They come in many forms shapes, sizes and even colors!

Sometimes they are expected, at times they are surprises, as you go about your day to day business you eventually realize that essentially what you are being paid to do is to find a creative way that saves time, money and energy to get around different obstacles.

I remember my first major agency job, I was still working on radio – still multi tasking and stretching myself very thin.

The biggest obstacle for me with my first agency job was ironically (especially to me) my client!

They always seemed to get in their own way, didn’t seem to understand or be clear as to what they wanted and seemed (in my opinion) more concerned about what the competition was doing than actually hunkering down to critically think about their own strategy, their own clients and their own unique differentiation- I learnt a tough lesson then, that obstacles aren’t fair, and the more time you spend complaining about them, the more of your power you give away.

You see, words have power and what you confess over your life many times becomes a self fulfilling prophecy – how many times have you said out loud that you are stressed and the stress actually increases?

So my challenge to you this July is to embrace the obstacles – if they weren’t there you wouldn’t have a job because there would be no need for someone like you to help the client figure it all out. The next time you think your line manager sucks or you don’t have everything you need at the moment you need it, challenge yourself to see the good in everything around you – because winners don’t focus on what they DON’T have. Winners focus on how GOOD they have it because this gives them the mental energy and positivity to make it through obstacles and allows them the strong mindset to actually THINK of solutions and this – makes their lives better.

So next time you catch yourself wanting to use negative words over your life, your situation, your job, think about all the people in the world, who would kill to have a boss because it means they have a job, who would give anything to have a landlord because it means they have a roof over their heads.

Your mind is precious, it is also vulnerable – protect it. Don’t expose it And watch your July be magical!!!

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