At Blu Flamingo, People Come First


Daily huddles, monthly doses of moonshots. It’s about taking
care of the people so they can take care of the clients.

There’s no such thing as over communicating at Blu Flamingo. Honesty and transparency are at our core. We believe that everyone has something significant to contribute and we win or lose together- as a team.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the things that make us who we are:
  • Huddles
  • Wellness Wednesday
  • The Good Egg
  • Blu Flamingo Foundation
  • Blu Mentorship
  • Blu Birthdays



Our Huddles are daily doses of togetherness – every day at 9 am the team sit together and identify areas of priority and areas needing support, sometimes lasting no more than 15 minutes, it’s an assured way of re-enforcing team- work and support for one another.

In every Friday huddle we pick one member of the team who is responsible for teaching the team something new. We alternate this with external specialists who come and teach us something new about the world and not necessarily always connected directly to our work.

Wellness Wednesday

On Wednesday’s we pack a gym bag! The team takes aerobics, Yoga or dance or merely a walk around the neighborhood to stay fit and healthy- we usually choose a different instructor every Wednesday to come and take us on an involved session, that sometimes ends in sore muscles but we’re always better off for it!

The Good Egg

Every month we choose a member of the team to receive the ‘good egg’ award – healthy competition is something we believe in. The reward for being the good egg comes in different shapes and sizes- movie tickets, cash, cake and in 2016 it was an all expenses paid trip to South Africa!

Blu Flamingo Foundation

The people around us matter. Blu Flamingo has adopted a number of causes to be involved in and these vary from women and children to cancer and HIV. We have adopted Bless a Child foundation as our cause for life and we visit and play with the children monthly, as well as supply food and other items and we also run their digital marketing for free.

Blu Mentorship

Blu Flamingo runs various monitorship programs and these start from the very top- our co-founders run an online mentorship show as well as speak at various events for schools and other institutions.

Internally we have a robust internship programme where our CEO speaks to each intern individually to share ideas, encourage them to pursue their dreams and impart some hard earned wisdom!

We also have a special education grant where the company pays for deserving individuals certification programmes and further education.

Blu Birthdays

That one special day of the year where we all celebrate…. You! We do this for every one of our staff or interns and it’s a simple gesture, but sometimes you realize that every one else – except your office, forgot your birthday! (though with face book notifications… anyway I digress!)

Do you have what it takes to join a team that will NOT settle for ordinary?