Twitter Working On New “Stories-Like” Feature Called “Fleets”

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell

Finally, Twitter is testing its own version of Stories. Confirming this was Kayvon Beykpour product lead twitter & co-founder of Periscopeco, through a tweet he sent on 4 March 2020.

Fleets are a way to share fleeting thoughts. Unlike Tweets, Fleets disappear after 24 hours and do not get Retweets, Likes, or public replies– people can only react to your Fleets with DMs and Instead of showing up in people’s timelines, Fleets will be viewed by tapping on your avatar.

“We have been listening to this feedback and working to create new capabilities that address some of the anxieties that hold people back from talking on Twitter. Today, in Brazil only, we are starting a test (on Android and iOS) for one of those new capabilities. It’s called Fleets.” – @kayvz

We’re hoping that Fleets can help people share the fleeting thoughts that they would have been unlikely to Tweet. This is a substantial change to Twitter, so we’re excited to learn by testing it (starting with the rollout today in Brazil) and seeing how our customers use it.

— Kayvon Beykpour (@kayvz) March 4, 2020


In Twitter’s case, Fleets are meant to address one of the primary reasons why users do not tweet: they feel uncomfortable with Twitter’s public nature. Fleets, represent a simpler and more familiar solution.

Trials have already started in Brazil and the feature will be available to others later this year.

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