Our story…

Who doesn’t love a good story?

So, get comfortable and let’s start at the beginning …

Once upon a time in Africa – Two sisters set out to start a business at a difficult juncture in their lives having lost both their mother and brother. Out of necessity to provide for themselves and keep themselves in school they worked hard to create a safe place – a retreat from the difficulties they had experienced.

It was just the two of them to start – and as with any business, they endured challenges too numerous and onerous to mention but with time found other young people to join their new family. They taught graphic designers, story tellers, leaders and more to channel their hardships into their work and to never compromise on quality, this led to their expansion over 10 years, into 5 African countries in a company called Blu Flamingo.

One day the sisters sat down to look at their journey and reflect on their values and this is what they found;

They existed to make theirs and others’ talent available at the highest point of impact for their community, team and clients.

This had been done through, but not limited to;

  1. Training over 20,000 young people together with Google for free on digital skills
  2. Making counselors and therapists available to their teams when they realized young people lately are increasingly suffering from depression and anxiety
  3. Working hard to become a WSI certified agency, enrolling in Stanford and applying the concepts of co-creation and design thinking among others to continue to do better work for their clients, constantly challenging themselves to learn and grow

In this way, the concepts they held dear of Benefit, leadership and Utility (BLU) Flamingo shone through into the real world.

To tie it all together their icon came to be represented by a blue circle.

Blue for trust and a circle for collaboration – because you cannot have impact alone and you cannot have it without trust. You must collaborate –  and this is where the story keeps evolving.

Maybe you will feature in our next chapter!


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