BuzzFeed has almost become synonymous with the online quiz

BuzzFeed has almost become synonymous with the online quiz. We see their pop-culture quizzes circulating on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis…and they’re just, well, kind of irresistible.

But their approach with interactive quizzes shared on social media is founded in reason: Data shows they get more than 75% of traffic via social media. In fact, one of their quizzes has been viewed more than 22 million times.

When we see these pieces of interactive content on Twitter (like in the example above) the something very strategic is happening: They’re leveraging a curiosity gap and the promise of greater self-understanding. This drives social media from point A (social platforms) to point B (the company website.) Once the user is on the website, there’s a greater opportunity for lead conversion, data-gathering, etc.

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