So here we are in what is the last month of Q1 or quarter one and what a start to the year..

my words of wisdom at this point have kind of run out because we’ve been doing so much and sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and like nothing is really going right but that’s when I’m reminded that success is not a straight line, sometimes you have to keep going down the same road over and over again before you actually achieve the end result you’re looking for.

I also got reminded this month after being tested quite a bit that ultimately it is true that persistence trumps resistance what does that mean? that means that consistently persisting to do your best even when sometimes you fall down or lose is important …

now it’s easier said than done because we’ve all seen the Memes & inspirational quotes but when you’re in it, it feels nothing like it should & certainly nothing like the meme promised … and it’s easy to get discouraged …however one should think of troubles and trials as what makes a diamond a diamond ..

A diamond doesn’t become one by simply sitting there and having nothing untoward happened to it, a diamond becomes a diamond because of pressure … however, how we  respond to pressure determines whether or not we become diamonds in my opinion! Always learn from the pressure and become better, that’s how you become a diamond

To our Rwanda team, I was impressed with the great feats accomplished by such a small team! Keep flying the Blu Flamingo flag high and making us all proud you diamonds, you!

Until next month,

Greetings from Johannesburg

Stay the course


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