New Native Insta-Checkout

New Native Insta-Checkout


Instagram’s Shopping posts have been a huge asset to businesses, allowing them to tag products in their pictures, which can then send users to the product’s page on your website to purchase.

Now, they’ve taken this a step further, taking a leaf out of Pinterest’s book, and have released a native checkout feature.

Users can actually checkout right from Instagram without ever leaving the app to a web browser.


This will be a huge advantage; the easier it is for customers to purchase, the more likely they are to do so.

And since users inherently trust Instagram more than businesses they’re not incredibly familiar with, this could help to make people who may have been wary more likely to purchase.

This feature is only in beta testing and available to a small number of retailers, but Instagram historically has progressed from these tests to a more widespread launch very quickly. More brands will likely be seeing this very, very soon.

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