The month of June is here and we are already half way through the year.

As the Blu Flamingo year starts and ends in June; it is a time for much reflection, review and

some general house keeping to make sure we are all aligned going into the new financial year. 
This year our theme has been ”the year of market leadership.”

Consequently the aim is for us as a team to live up to this direction.

The approach from management being of course, training support and recruitment.

Now – our main focus for the last half of the year in line with our theme of market leadership will be on quality.

Quality of the work we put out

Quality of the process that delivers the work

Quality of our environment and our resources

Quality of decisions taken to propel us into another decade

So my message this month is simple,

let’s all evaluate the quality of our days, our output and where it is lacking, improve it.

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