Did you know that the great white shark would die from lack of oxygen if it stopped swimming?

When I first found this out somewhere in my teen years while reading about sharks (yes, I went through a weird phase) I actually felt like I resonated with it- I think most of us in life need to keep moving in order to feel like we are alive and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Inertia is truly the undoing of many an organization or person – that is why even though February is a busy month and it may feel like we are in unchartered and uncertain waters- I am excited about what lies ahead because there is movement!

February is our transition month and there’s much for us to transition into.

This month and indeed this year will be demanding, I will be demanding, our clients will be demanding and you should demand more from yourself as well – this year and indeed all those that follow need to be about excellence – not only in execution but in planning and creativity – we must challenge ourselves where we have become comfortable and complacent and strive to never arrive.

Team Uganda has seen some seismic shifts in work flow and company organization, Team Rwanda is pitching big jobs and being fearless, Team SA is wading further into bigger and bigger projects while Kenya and Nigeria fight hard to see growth in uncertain climes.. We are pushing content through Millennials, growing DigiCon and pushing Web’appy to do more and more- You may feel at some point that you are being stretched and you would be right – but don’t worry you will be better for all the experiences and lessons this time will bring.

I also encourage you to reach out if you feel like you need encouragement – my door is always open and I

believe in each and every one of you


So like that shark go out and be a GREAT WHITE SHARK, Never stop, keep going, keep

learning and keep pushing the boundaries


*Terms and conditions: GREAT WHITE SHARKS do NOT swim with guppies so if you insist on being a guppy you may find yourself out of a job,  – we want to play with the A-Team so bring your A-Game 

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