Message from the CEO – November 2017

Hello all!

Group CEO – Bluflamingo

Greetings from Sunny and Cold and Rainy all at once South Africa where I am desperately looking forward to my upcoming visit to Uganda and Kenya & Rwanda before the year ends!

October was a busy month with lots of activations and tonnes of things to deliver on.Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the noise and like the proverbial hamster to keep running on that wheel, being busy but going nowhere I am reminded this month that sometimes you have to slow down, take stock and more importantly RECHARGE.
It’s very easy to get caught up in the immediacy and urgency of doing and to forget creating.We usually get to the end of the year and I wonder why we didn’t take leave or get some rest and relaxation.

Rest is important because it re – builds brain cells, and thats a reason
if ever I heard of one, to rest. Now you’re probably all thinking – insert eye roll – ‘the workaholic is telling us to rest’ but I’ve learnt the hard way that a tired mind is useful to exactly one person and he is called
No-one – so my message this month is for you to take some time off – a personal day, (or a few if you can delegate 😉 ) do nothing but sleep and dream and …sleep and let me know if you weren’t MORE productive
when you got back to work

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