Apps & Development

At Blu Flamingo we are obsessed with technology – how it makes life simpler; how it can be used to great advantage but also how it can sometimes totally miss the point!



SaaS or Software as a Service is a powerful way to get productivity out of your business by harnessing the power of technology to do more, sometimes referred to as on-demand software. We have built our very own technology called Blu Task that allows us to manage our client’s accounts.

this includes administrative work like billing, invoicing, time sheets and more – it’s handy and powerful and cuts down on unnecessary emails and more! Contact us if you are an agency or business that wants to be more efficient by harnessing the power of technology!


At Blu Flamingo we build Apps (not just because we love to) but to deconstruct complex ideas into simple ones that actually add value.

Some of Our Apps Links

Airtel Uganda Cranes App
Airtel Uganda Tugabane