What’s a Good Conversion Rate?

Getting tons of traffic to your website is always a good thing and something we all crave for our businesses and blogs. But if the traffic doesn’t convert to something, such as a sale, an eBook download, or signup to your email list, then there really is no point.

a good conversion rate is the rate better than what you had last month. (CTR)

CRO Tips

Strategic CTA’s (Button, Popups, Pricing Tables)

to acquire something from your audience. Be it lead generation or building a list of email subscribers, contact details or more importantly, sales. By using a CTA – Call to Action, you promote such a purpose and instruct your visitors to act in a particular manner. Using strategic CTA’s and positioning them appropriately can be the defining factor as to whether or not you will improve the number of visitors you convert.

Quality Content

you can’t forget quality content! Even if your aim is to sell your products, your articles in the blog shouldn’t be like promotion flyers. Don’t forget to educate your readers about your products and business instead, and include interesting stories, useful advice, and proof. Also, don’t forget to tell them in each post what you do, some readers might not have the slightest idea, especially when they go straight to a post from somewhere else (and haven’t seen your main page).

Page Load Speed

Page Load speed plays an important role in how well your WordPress site converts.

Optimize for Mobile

This should almost go without saying, but optimizing your website for mobile is more important than ever, This could include things such as ensuring your WordPress site is responsive, and also A/B testing things on mobile vs desktop. It’s fairly common knowledge that more than 50% of internet users currently online are using mobile devices.

Display Testimonials and Referrals

Another useful manner of building trust and promoting sales is through testimonials and referrals. These are displayed directly after the details and benefits of a particular offer. The reason being, they prove that everything being pitched is true. According to a research done by Nielsen, 92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.

Use Complementary Colors

Nich Babich wrote an excellent article guide on colors and conversion rates which we highly recommend checking out. He goes into detail about how using certain colors promote certain emotions and actions from the viewer. For instance, green is the color generally recognized for “peaceful, growth, health”. This is why certain big brands use certain colors, such as why Facebook is blue.

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