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In this period of COVID-19 outbreak, we get up close and personal with Paul Makhene ,our SEO Specialist From BluFlamingo South Africa . 

  1. What time do you go to bed?
  • I am a late sleeper, I usually go to bed around 23h00

2. What is that one thing you miss out there and will do or have after the lockdown?

  • Real Coffee, The first thing I’m doing after lockdown is find a coffee shop

3. One work from home tip you can give.

  • Use sticky notes, place them on the wall and clear each as you complete the task

4. Who’s your work from home role model / Inspiration

  • Sir Richard Branson

5. If you were given one day to change your lock-down location, where would you go?

  • I’m actually happy with my current location. I get to work freely without any disturbance.

6. What is your stay healthy tip to the public?  

  • “Stay Home” Please! There are people who are still taking that lightly, COVID-19 cases still increased even when we were precautious. Staying home is the most healthy and unselfish thing we can do. It also acknowledges the sacrifices of the health workers and everyone forced to leave home during these hectic times.

7. If you discovered the COVID -19 vaccines who would you tell first?

  • Bill Gates. 

8. Have you added or lost weight?

Nope, my weight has remained the same for the past +10 years

9. Which movie/Series would you advise to watch? 

  • I’d Preferable suggest a book: “The last Juror” by John Grisham
  • Movie: The Whole truth
  • Series: Silicon Valley 

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