GOOGLE Ads: 1 o 1

GOOGLE Ads: 1 o 1

In this current generation, Google Ads have become one of the largest online advertising networks globally. They create a very great opportunity for small and big businesses to reach out to potential customers in which their area of interest is.

What are google Ads?

These are advertisements offered by google which appear in search results on There are various types of Google Ads; Video, Native, interstitial Ads. All these automatically appear when the mouse is on a page margin.

How important are google Ads to a business?

  • Target Traffic

Google Ads serves as a major reason behind the use of the Google AdWords campaign. By using this, you can bring targeted traffic directly to a Web site. As ads are displayed along with a defined title and description, a serious audience will end up clicking these links and taking a further call to action.

  • Targeting ads locally

Google Ads offer location targeting for display ads. You can specify definite display ads for certain locations, which will enable those particular ads to display exclusively to a particular location. This enhances the effective use of Google AdWords as it allows you to reach browsers at local, national, and international level.

  • Improves hands-on experience

By using the Google AdWords campaign, Web sites get instant traffic or gratification and therefore soon become effective direct marketers. Users perceive these sites as popular, and therefore are likely to click on the site for another purchase decision without giving it a second thought. Also, marketing through the PPC ad platform levels the playing fields for people and their competition. It gradually increases the value of the site and takes the business to a level of brand. Thus, the feature of improved hands-on experience makes Google AdWords more relevant for users aiming to generate profit from their Web sites.

  • Suggested high volume keywords

Google Ads do not just display ads, but also suggests high-volume keywords for an ad campaign that will convert to purchases and a profitable business. High-volume keywords are those that are searched the most, so including them prominently in the ads, title lines, and in the description improve the click rates for the ads. High- volume keywords can be included keeping in mind the competition

  • Remarketing

It is a common practice that a user checks for shoes, but don’t purchase and leave the site. With Google Ads, you can target the same user with new ads and new items with a special discount which is known as remarketing campaign. It helps to increase conversion rate.


Making use of these advanced features like videos, gifs, articles and so much more, users discover more about your brand without ever leaving the page hence leading to better conversations for you.

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