Instagram scheduling

Instagram scheduling is now (FINALLY) available on most third-party apps
Users of popular social media schedulers like Buffer were greeted this news recently. While previously many third-party tools could integrate with Instagram and allow you to send yourself reminders to publish a certain photo at a certain time, Instagram had never allowed these tools to actually publish the post for you. (I suppose it had something to do with the “Insta” part of the brand… The photos are supposed to be something that’s happening “right now”? Who knows.)

Note: This scheduling ability was actually added to Instagram Graph API in late January. Since then, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer and others have announced features to take advantage of the new ability.

Here’s the catch:

  • You can only schedule single-image posts, and it must be on a confirmed Instagram business profile. (No slideshows or videos, and no personal profiles.)

Check out your favorite scheduling tool’s news/help sections for more details.




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