Uganda! This affordable 6 week course will teach you how to win at digital marketing!

As a digital software, marketing and advertsing agency we receive many questions from people on how to go about learning digital marketing.

the top 3 reasons that they ask for our help are:

1- They don’t have the time to compare and contrast different online courses

2- They want a face to face interaction, as they can ask questions and engage better that way

3- They want relevant and local case studies that can help them in an African Market

As a result, together with other industry leaders around Africa we will tell you why we recommend this particular 6 week course;

The course is specifically tailored taking into consideration the local trends regionally with an emphasis to the country in which it is being run (Uganda in this case)

However it also looks at best global practices and high Industry standards so you are marketable on a global scale.

The DigiCon Academy 6 week course takes learnings from Industry leaders who are actually DOING digital work – the model is not new, you start by doing and then you go into teaching! So full disclosure – Blu Flamingo as a digital agency is also one of the partners of the DigiCon Academy alongside Google and Web-growth Academy- SouthAfrica.

The added advantage of a partnership of people with experience is that practical and locally relevant examples will be utilised when teaching students.

There is a case to be made for being able to study face to face with an interactive class, lecturers who are able to substantiate, expound and spend more time with students. Online learning is great but there can be no substitute for in person learning – the fact that Uganda has not had a physical place to learn how to be digital marketers makes this course one to consider.

With the plethora of online marketing course options available –  it can be quite difficult to know what is the best value for money. The 6 week Digital media course provided by the DigiCon Academy  is a comprehensive course that covers basic to intermediary and the fundamentals that can prepare one for advanced digital marketing – so let’s say you are a marketing manager that wants to compete in the industry, as well as build the skills to manage a digital agency and get the most out of them – then this is for you, what you will learn will equip you to interrogate strategy, build a feed back loop that can build your bottom line and your business.

If you are a student then this is the perfect course to prepare you for the world of communications as talent of the future will definitely need to develop their digital skills.

If you need further convincing you are quite welcome to get in touch with the academy on, but I wouldn’t wait too long to start working on grabbing the future you deserve.

Good luck!


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  1. Don Andrea

    Just a quick one… Is this an ONLINE Course, or it’s a Physical class!

  2. Kenneth Erikya

    pliz let me know where the course is taking place and how much it requires me to attend

    iam eargerly waiting

    thank you

  3. Nisha

    What r the fees??

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