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BLU’s Top 3 for Q3

In Jay Z voice “ Allow us to re-introduce ourselves”

Have our email marketing efforts been great in the past? We think we can do a lot better, so we are super determined to change that with a brand new direction!  

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves, our name is BLU & the B, L & U in our name aren’t because we can’t spell (or we wouldn’t last in the marketing Industry! ) It’s because they stand for the Values that are our North Star. 




So we thought why not share 3 of our top stories every month that cover each of these values.


Here’s how we’ve been providing benefit to the people around us, take a look at some of our recent work.



Giving significant consideration to the primary target audience and market trends and how Save the Children can effectively and efficiently use insights to deliver a communications strategy that will increase awareness and persuade parents and caregivers to prioritise their children’s education.



Research: Prior to developing the communications strategy we conducted research amongst the core target groups gathering insights to advise our creative direction, channel strategy and messaging.

Execution: 360 Marketing approach executed through key media channels


We describe leadership as being better than who we were yesterday, we compete with ourselves because we know there is enough for everyone and as long as you are providing value, all you need to work on is YOU. Don’t worry too much about what Susan down the road is cooking up! So – along those lines you may enjoy this podcast of us sharing what we’ve learnt in our monthly virtual BLU flamingo book club “ BLU Book Ed! “


Last but not least, welcome to the Utility section – something we can give YOU – a tip, a trick, a tool that can make your life a lot easier, or information that can spark your next great idea or partnership! Curated by a different member of our team every month.

This month – Daisy from our South Africa office shares a tool that helps her come up with great ideas for content. And gives her a deeper level of understanding of how people search around topics – revealing questions and queries one wouldn’t necessarily think of and here it is