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Solutions We've Provided

We brought the “COOL” back to Bell Lager

Bell Lager needed to change their brand perspective and position to target the dominant population.

We helped Bell Lager do this by using a USSD Based campaign

The brand repositioned and gained 1.32% market share in 3 months, the biggest growth by an alcohol brand in Uganda.

In Kenya We Engaged With The Government
To adopt Tobacco Control Regulations and enforce the tobacco control act. Under the #Tobaccofree254 campaign we mobilized digital and grassroots advocacy focusing on platform management and lobbying reaching influential public figures and captains of Industry

The Results?
We collected over 4,000 petition signatures had over 5 million impression and over 40,000 engagements.

We launched the Konnect brand across Africa
Konnect Africa came to us to help them launch and sustain their brand across Africa

The Results?
We generated over 500 leads for Konnect Africa monthly using awareness created through video marketing, PPC, social media, local events, e-mail marketing and *Adaptive S.E.O. Handling not just digital but experiential, branding and PR. 

In Nigeria, We Built Kwara Radio Station From Brand To Being In Business
By creating a Digital CI, Social Media launch engagement plan and new website

The Results?
Kwara state launched their new website and social media profiles to an audience that found the sites well designed and much fanfare and were able to put our monetization strategy to good use, vreating a whole new revenue arm online with over 10,000 monthly visits

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