How can we improve your digital footprint?

I’m A Multi- National Company

As a multi- national organisation operating in another country outside your own, it can often be complex to chart your digital strategy. This is where you need an agency that is home grown and home based but with a global outlook. Being part of the WSI Family unlike most agencies in the region means we’re part of a worldwide network of over 1,000 seasoned digital marketing experts with experience in many industries including yours to make sure we give you the best solutions.

You are not a stranger to digital and you have most likely mastered your digital space outside of Africa – but now you need to do the same on our beautiful continent.

So how do you master your space? Try out our free digital audit tool to see how well you stack up against certain parameters. Should you find a gap don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will build your digital marketing blueprint and solidify your path to success.

I’m an African Company across Africa

You certainly wouldn’t build a house, without a blue-print, however when faced with the complexities of marketing your product in more than one market across a continent – you need a uniquely developed skill set. This is where Blu Flamingo Digital can really help you – by working with you to build your African digital marketing blueprint.

A digital marketing blueprint is the foundation on which we build your company’s online marketing infrastructure. Here, we’ll work with you to ensure your business has the ideal foundation on which to move forward. This blueprint outlines your firm’s challenges, goals and the tools you’ll require to meet your short and long-term objectives. This document sets the stage for your business strategy and streamlines the path to assured long-term growth.

We conduct a workshop with our team and yours with the aim to provide a detailed blueprint focusing on the following core aspects:

  • Detailed Competitor Analysis including your digital marketing tactics (3-4 competitors)
  • Targets /Goal setting (based on your lead lifecycle and revenue targets)
  • Persona classification (we will organize your customer personas based on the info provided)
  • Content Analysis (including competitive research and a content gap analysis based on your customer buying lifecycle stages (Awareness, Interest, Decision)
  • Offers – We establish offers to be utilized as lead magnets based on your value proposition and competitive intel
  • Conversion Paths (detailed website review, conversion analysis , content organization, site structure)
  • Digital Marketing Tactics – A Breakdown of the D.M tactics to be utilized for established goals)
  • Reporting / KPI’s/ Metrics (Benchmark KPI’s and metrics details)

The blueprint becomes the heart and soul of your digital presence. However, the execution must be locally relevant as no two African countries are the same. Different cultures consume digital differently and for all and Africa’s vibrance and friendliness, Companies must consider the fact that 1,500 – 2, 000 different languages are spoken in Africa, so how you communicate as a company is as important as why you communicate.

This is our process

I am a Local Company

Let’s say you are a roofing’s company or a local ISP. As Blu Flamingo digital, we offer a number of great services, the cherry on top; we never give you just a glimpse into how digital works. we look at digital transformation for your business and this can be summarized by our key services;

SITE: Turning your website into a e-commerce shop, making it stand out online etc.

SEARCH: Optimizing your site and content so when people search for services or products in your industry with they can find you.

SOCIAL: Creating content and managing your social media sites.
Newsletters/email marketing, helping you set up on shopify and handling your social media advertising etc.

MOBILE: Sending targeted marketing messages based on geo-location, reach your customers anywhere anytime e.t.c 

How are we able to do this? We are WSI Certified and thus have over 1,000 digital marketing experts in our network who work alongside our big local team to give you the best of both worlds- making you truly GLOCAL.

  • Organizations both National and International come to us to increase awareness, lead generation and sales.  
  • Organisations come to us frustrated with their current marketing actions that are not set up
    to generate enough leads that can achieve their growth objectives. They are uncertain which digital blueprint/activities they should or should not invest in, dissatisfied with their current marketing resources that can’t get the job done, and time challenged because they have to deal with numerous sales and marketing firms;
  • Blu Flamingo provides digital marketing services that span the spectrum from marketing to lead generation to turning marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads.  We provide a full range of digital marketing services like search engine marketing and social media, website development, email marketing and lead nurturing – truly a one-stop shop for all things relating to marketing online.

•Blu Flamingo is a Google Partner Company with a proven process for developing successful marketing plans.  Through our worldwide network of marketing experts, we have digital marketing expertise in virtually all industries including yours.  Having been in business for over 10 years, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for many kinds of businesses and organizations.         

Contact us, to find out how Blu Flamingo Digital Africa can help your business