Video Production & Advertising

Video has now become the medium ‘de rigueur’ customers have become so accustomed to watching their content that they now expect it! 

We are experts in creating content that reflects your brand in a relatable way for social media and even traditional channels. Together with our sister company millennials we are not only able to create your content, we are also able to place your content across the web on relevant content produced by our affiliates. We also provide reporting and analysis on performance and goals.


Most frequent questions and answers

What are the types of video advertising?

  • Google networks, display ads and overlay ads
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram and snapchat

How much is 1-2 minutes video advertising cost?

It usually depends on the style and scope of the video production service

How long should my video be?

Normally we shoot enough video content to be able to make different versions of 90 seconds, 30s, 20s and even 6s for different video ad objective.

What KPIs are important for video advertising?

We analyse everything about the video that will help us understand how to optimise the campaign. This includes viewing rates, click-through-rate, the number of shares, comments, cost per video view, etc.