Case Study

Seplat Energy

The Challenge

With a new business pivot focusing on renewable energy, Seplat (One of Nigeria’s leading energy suppliers) chose BLU Flamingo to support a rebrand, build a brand awareness campaign and design a lead generation campaign to create eyeballs for their revived brand.

The Solution

Run an intense 2 week lead generation campaign driven by email marketing, programmatic and social media to get sign-ups to a virtual event.

All traffic was driven to a website designed specifically for this event where users could register their attendance and learn more about the Summit and all the international speakers on the lineup.

We also set up two studios; One in Abuja and linked it to our own in South Africa to stream the hybrid event where we would unveil the brand and host sessions that seamlessly allowed speakers from across the globe to speak to each other on one platform, and be heard across social media, YouTube and Zoom.

The Results

We built a strategic through the line “blu” print that included a successful day long event that hosted 250 guests in Abuja, and was streamed live to over 10,000 global visitors from our mobile studio in Abuja and a two way latency free link to our studio in Johannesburg, where one of the hosts the renowned former BBC presenter Lerato Mbele conducted interview with global leaders in energy such as pulitzer prize winner Daniel Yergin.

The #SES2021 Campaign recorded over 10 million impressions, reaching 5.3million people across 21 countries, registering 83,973 click throughs to our website, 30,489 live video views and over 4,000 white paper downloads.

We recorded 2,779 sign ups on the website for the event, and over 90% of respondents to our post event survey rated the event a 5/5.

A true creative feat under the circumstances of having less than 4 weeks to pull it all off, we helped Seplat Energy launch their new brand while producing what was their most successful energy summit to date.

Tactics We Deployed


Without a plan you will get exactly where you planned to go- think about that for a moment. Usually digital comes at the end of a media strategy as an ‘add on’ and what do the results tend to be?

Social Media Management

When you realize that everyone in your company is already busy with their actual job and they do not have time to ‘Update your social media pages’ that is where we come in.

Email Marketing

We create email campaigns using HTML script, key messaging and visually branded creative to draw attention to service offerings, events and products.

Media Planning & Buying

Our Digital Media Planning and buying team study and find the right audience and help you reach new ones, optimise your ROI and use sophisticated measuring tools to find out what’s working and immediately correct what’s not working.