Case Study


The Challenge

While running the discover your power campaign that aims to provide information on sexual reproductive health, we solved a problem for PSI of a poorly optimised digital paid campaign.

Through creative and well designed ad formats and smart targeting - we Increased link clicks and the click through rate on their Ads whilst optimising the budget to spend even less than they were before.

The Solution

We partnered with several Tik Tok content creators to create fun and engaging short action-oriented videos.

The Results

Our Tik Tok video became their best performing Ad with over 30,275 link clicks

4.36% (highest ever)

654,412 impressions

Tactics We Deployed


Without a plan you will get exactly where you planned to go- think about that for a moment. Usually digital comes at the end of a media strategy as an ‘add on’ and what do the results tend to be?

Media Planning & Buying

Our Digital Media Planning and buying team study and find the right audience and help you reach new ones, optimise your ROI and use sophisticated measuring tools to find out what’s working and immediately correct what’s not working.

Digital PR

Building and maintaining a good online reputation means you get to attract more customers, talent and bigger business opportunities. Maintaining your “rep” is critical especially now since anyone can say anything about your brand.

Video Production & Advertising

Video has now become the medium ‘de rigueur’ customers have become so accustomed to watching their content that they now expect it!