Media Planning & Buying

Our Digital Media Planning and buying team don’t just plonk your ads on Google networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or on partner websites. They study and find the right audience and help you reach new ones, optimize your ROI and use sophisticated measuring tools to find out what’s working and immediately correct what’s not working.

We know you know that your customers do not consume media in Silos- so it’s important that your agency (and hopefully that’s us!) doesn’t plan in them.

Paid, earned and owned media must work together to be effective and we understand this dynamic very well (we are not afraid to admit that we’ve learnt the hard way through trial and error!)

Every cent you spend online should be optimized and because the digital media buying space appears simple, agencies tend to think it’s a one size fits all. But there are many factors to consider including demographics, user intent, platforms and more.


Most frequent questions and answers

How much does the media buying service cost?

There is no fixed price with an online media campaign, we work with you to determine your overall goals and establish the most efficient way to market according to your budget.

How do you determine the budget allocations?

We look at PPC, remarketing, social media opportunities, site placements. Etc. We also look at your goals and the budget you have, then we allocate it to the best performing campaign.

How do you track and report on campaigns?

We are as flexible as our technology is powerful. We use our technology platform, your solution, 3rd party analytics, ad-servers and any other custom solutions that will maximize results and deliver the right answers at the right time.

How important is media buying?

Media buying gives your brand and products a competitive platform. You attract a wide user
base by advertising on different websites about your products and services. On gaining
popularity, your product becomes a common name among the target audience. This helps
you convert your viewers into clients.

How do you buy media?

  • Identify the Target Audience.
  • Research the Market
  • Set Objectives
  • Planning
  • Negotiating
  • Launch

To name a few…

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising solution that businesses use to promote their products and services on Google search, YouTube and other sites across the web. You can also choose specific goals for your Ads and customize your budget and targets.

Do Google ads help?

Yes, there is immediate exposure. Your ad can appear in the top 5 results on a Google search results page. You can reach your relevant clients when they search for your products, services or business.

Types of Google Ads

  • Search Network campaigns
  • Display Network campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • App campaigns

Types of Google Bidding Strategies

  • CPC- Cost Per Clic
  • PPC- Pay Per Click
  • CPI- Cost Per Impression
  • CPE- Cost Per Engagement

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