How we built a website for

MasterCard Foundation

integrating machine learning

Winning a competitive pitch for a client like Mastercard foundation was a real feather in our cap in 2021. We learnt so much through the sheer volume of creative, strategic and tactical work that had to go into the project! 

 Stay a while as we share what it was really like behind the scenes 

So, what was the problem we were finding a solution for? 

Well … The land of a thousand hills has numerous tourism & hospitality opportunities but there was a lack of information and a coordinated platform to educate, showcase and entice tourists to come pay Rwanda a visit. Add to this that no real intuitive portal existed that could help people make an informed decision as to what the country had to offer that was detailed, in depth and inclusive of hidden gems that had no online presence! 

We started by developing the brand, coming up with a name and identity for this project

We then developed a one-stop-shop platform that educates tourists on Rwanda, showcases offerings in MICE, Tourism & Hospitality, as well as allowed booking and purchasing of tickets to attractions. The platform also provides information on training and work opportunities in the tourism sector as pertains Rwanda.

We then built a mobile application for the website that could be accessed online in order to plan one’s trip inclusive of booking accommodation, transport and activities.

What are the 3 most important things we learnt while running this project 

1 – It’s hard taking pictures of every district in Rwanda during a lockdown! 

We had to apply for special permission to travel and in some cases were rejected flat out – which meant we had to improvise and find partners to work through in those regions to take pictures for us, key learning; stay flexible.  

2 – Machine learning (title of this blog actually) really rocks – we discovered that we could really integrate AI and technology into the planning and implementation of the website – that way it could learn as we developed it further. Using the latest technology and embedding it into the platform we enable NLP (Natural language processing) as well as using chatbots to intuitively and timeously provide support 

3 – For any project of this scope you will rarely be able to scope to 100% accuracy, we had many unforeseen expenses and hurdles, such as what to do when we encountered amazing activities with service providers who had zero digital footprint! However through collaboration with our client and BLU flamingo teams in other markets – we were able to resolve all of the unforeseen issues – making BLU Flamingo unique as an organisation that spans 5 Africa countries 

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