Case Study

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

The Challenge

The Rwandan government has implemented policies, initiatives, and investments in ICT infrastructure to support the growth of e-commerce. However, Rwanda's local e-commerce ecosystem remains fragmented, which can be a significant obstacle for small and medium-sized businesses.

These businesses must consider more than just building websites to effectively conduct online business, and may need to rely on the existing ecosystem for support in areas such as warehouse and logistics management, transportation networks, online payment options, and building customer trust.

GiZ Rwanda contracted BluFlamingo to build and deploy an SME e-Commerce strategy and then pass on knowledge to the SMEs on how to harness this technology to improve their businesses

The Solution

Create and publish rich media content from 150 small and medium-sized enterprises digitizing their products and stories..

Design and deploy a series of web documentaries / success stories to create exposure for the entrepreneurs and for the project overall.

To achieve this, we

  • Selected SMEs & Entrepreneurs, with the support of Inkomoko and ECC teams
  • Interviewed and crafted the stories of selected Entrepreneur(s)
  • Produced In depth content on their products/service
  • Provide an e-commerce platform where their products could be sold connecting them with providers for a wholistic value chain solution

The Results

Blu Flamingo implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included both online and offline elements to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) realiz sales through the RwandaMart e-commerce platform. As a result of this strategy, more than 200 SMEs were able to make sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of the marketing efforts and the potential for e-commerce to drive business growth. This success highlights the importance of a well-thought-out marketing strategy in driving sales and expanding the reach of SMEs.

Through the process of capturing and sharing the success stories of 100 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we were able to help these businesses convert their products and services into actual online sales, which contributed to their development and growth.

RwandaMart's social media platforms saw an organic increase of 78%. This impressive growth demonstrates the effectiveness of our social media strategy. By actively promoting its products and services on social media and fostering a sense of community, we helped RwandaMart drive significant growth and reach a wider audience.

Tactics We Deployed


Without a plan you will get exactly where you planned to go- think about that for a moment. Usually digital comes at the end of a media strategy as an ‘add on’ and what do the results tend to be?

Social Media Management

When you realize that everyone in your company is already busy with their actual job and they do not have time to ‘Update your social media pages’ that is where we come in.

Web Design & Development

Blu Flamingo has formed and maintained a deep understanding of brand DNA and a strong tradition in creating web portals for companies who require more than a digital brochure.

Competitive Analysis Report

A competitive analysis report is produced after an in-depth analysis of you and your direct competition in your industry. It analyzes important online marketing channels as well as providing you conclusions of the data.