Digital engagement strategies in a pandemic

Seanice Lojede

Group CEO, Blu Flamingo Digital, South Africa

Seanice Lojede is the Group CEO and co-founder of Blu Flamingo Digital Africa. She has also set up the Millennials Digital agency to produce content for brands and consumers, and the DigiCon Academy, through which over 20,000 young men and women in Rwanda and Uganda have received training related to digital content. She has degrees in mass communications, product strategy, digital marketing and in business finance, and an MBA from Stanford University. In 2019, she won the SADC Africa’s Influential Women in Business — Service Category award.

Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing

This paper discusses Blu Flamingo Digital’s approach to digital marketing in a pandemic, examining the trends that have emerged and how the ecosystem has changed, along with solutions to mitigate the risk of not understanding how these developments are affecting consumer behaviour. More than anything else, however, the paper stresses the importance of flexibility, that is learning to adapt to an evolving situation without losing sight of one’s original goals.

KEYWORDS: new normal, digital marketing strategies, pandemic, digital strategy, new  media, e-commerce, PPC, digital engagement strategies, SEO, CRO, search terms, mobile traffic

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