Digital Education & Training

The Digital world is like a kaleidoscope of colors ever changing and ever beautiful if that’s your thing. Sometimes you need a little help to navigate those waters and we understand that.

Our training arm of the business organically started through our clients’ desire to learn as much as we knew.

We then got into a partnership with google to upskill over 30,000 young people in Uganda and Rwanda and this led to the birth of our DigiCon Academy that offers three main services;

1. An annual leadership series of digital masterclasses
2. A free online training of the basics of digital for younger students
3. A paid course in conjunction with Victoria University for Beginners,
Intermediate and advanced students.


Most frequent questions and answers

What is DigiCon Academy?

DigiCon Academy is a digital programs Academy designed to get professionals hired in today’s digital job market by getting them ready with an understanding of the full digital marketing ecosystem.

What courses does DigiCon Academy offer?

We course range from Social Media Content Marketing, Search Marketing, to Paid Advertising and Analytics.

What Type of Insight/skill Will I Gain from Enrolling?

You’ll learn how to set obtainable objectives, implement and measure digital campaigns and conversions, as well as how to use SEO, PPC, content creation, and more to drive customer engagement.

Who Should Take This Course?

STUDENTS looking to build careers in one of the most sought-after domains today. The courses will help them:

  • Build a strong foundational knowledge of digital marketing and gain hands-on experience in social media.
  • Learn how to plan and execute digital marketing campaigns and prepare for fast-paced digital marketing roles in the industry.

TRADITIONAL MARKETER striving to enhance knowledge and skills in digital marketing. Our courses will help them:

  • Broaden their marketing know-how and help them stay current with the latest trends and channels of the digital marketing world.
  • Arm them with the skills and experience to get a foothold in growing their careers in digital marketing.

SALES OR BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS looking to accelerate their careers. The courses will give them an insider’s view into the world of digital marketing. With the courses, they will:

  • Up-skill their competencies and carve an entry into a digital marketing role.
  • Understand the inner workings of digital marketing campaigns that can help them collaborate and work with digital marketing teams.

ENTREPRENEURS interested in leveraging digital marketing to improve the ROI for their companies. We live in a digital world where most of the customers today live online. With the courses:

  • They will understand the role that digital tools and marketing channels can play in growing their online brands.

Gain the knowledge and experience required to engage with marketing partners and agencies as they implement an effective digital strategy for their brand.

What are the Course benefits?

When you enroll in one of our courses, you’ll receive expert, hands-on training that will help you go above and beyond in your digital marketing career. You’ll learn how to successfully implement lasting digital marketing advertising campaigns, as well as how to garner the most leads and conversions for prospective clients.

Additionally, you’ll learn how leveraging innovative social media tools and other tactics that will help you gain an edge.

Do I get any credentials / certificate at the end of the course?

At the end of the training you will be awarded a certification depending on the course you would have enrolled for.

How can I use this knowledge to grow my business?

You can use the knowledge and skill to grow your business through application of the Digital Marketing efforts for your business through several digital platforms.

How much are the tuition fees for the Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing Courses?

  1. Digital Marketing And Advertising Course tuition costs $ 135
  2. Social Media Marketing Course tuition fees is $ 97

What is the duration of the course (Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing Course)?

  1. Digital Marketing course runs for 7 weeks.
  2. Social Media Marketing Course runs for 6 weeks.