Case Study

Techno Mobile Rwanda

The Challenge

Tecno Mobile Rwanda tasked us to improve their social media engagement and ultimately increase sales on their Camon C8 device.

The Solution

We ran a social media campaign which encouraged fans to be as creative as possible. This campaign required users to capture one of their finest/coolest moments at night (or low light environment). The campaign ran for 3 months and each month participants with the highest interactions were awarded with a Camon C8 device

The Results

At the end of the campaign, Techno Mobile had achieved 7 million+ impressions, reached over 3 million individuals and gained 40% more followers on social media. All that translated to over 10 000 sales on the Techno Mobile Camon C8 device.

Tactics We Deployed


Without a plan you will get exactly where you planned to go- think about that for a moment. Usually digital comes at the end of a media strategy as an ‘add on’ and what do the results tend to be?

Social Media Management

When you realize that everyone in your company is already busy with their actual job and they do not have time to ‘Update your social media pages’ that is where we come in.

Digital Campaigns

We create visually engaging and interactive digital campaigns to integrate into your marketing programs, peaking interest amongst web users, we develop the big idea, and translate it into creatively stunning online campaigns.