Basics of a digital media Strategy

At BLU Flamingo – one of the services we offer is digital training. 

The one thing that consistently stands out every time we conduct a pre-training survey is just how many marketers are heading straight to tactics without spending enough time building a good strategy.

Now there’s a lot of material out there on building digital strategies – so much so, that it can be a little confusing.

We’ve decided to break it down into the most important elements in the simplest way ever – jargon free, so you can implement today!

Target Audience

We get asked a lot about how to define your target audience.

Everyone talks about it but no one ever really tells you HOW to do it. 

So here’s a top tip. 

Go to 3-5 of your TOP customers and ask if you can ask them a few questions about how they find information, which platforms they use regularly, even what kind of content they would find useful coming from you, Once you have this information use it to then choose your platforms content and demographics of your target audience!