We were tasked to make Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana appealing to LPA- 26 Young, Ugandan Male Consumer. Young male consumers in Uganda are looking for to represent their lifestyle, swag and personality, because their BOLD choices make the ordinary double as something extra-ordinary.

The master plan was to raise awareness for the rebranded Smirnoff Guarana through FOMO. – (We like to keep it simple, sexy!)
The result was a partnership with 3D Cinema Magic with a clearly defined theme as coined by us – DOUBLE SIDE CHALLENGE, – we recreated. Together with 3D Cinema Magic we chose Marvel and DC movies because they have a Double Side element like Smirnoff Guarana.

The theme was adhered to on digital with tickets to watch their favorite movie in 3D and Smirnoff Give a ways that were rewarded to the fans as they went in to watch the movie.

Team leads: Marylyn Akello, Hannat Ssemanda, Alex Kaweesa
Strategy development – 1 week
Go to and influencer Market Strategy: 1 week
Social Media Activation.
Event Coverage.

Client NameUBLYear2015

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