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At the heart of Blu Flamingo is an entrepreneurial spirit that utilises the inbound marketing tenets to help our clients grow.  The possibilities that digital affords organisations is mind-blowing, from genuinely connecting with consumers to building a personality, to e-commerce, customer education, and more. The thing is – it also means that brands are no longer in charge of their own image- this power is now shared equally with the consumer.

As a result, we are privileged to find ways to navigate this ‘new world’ and that is what we live to do.

We don’t work as hard as we do every day to be just ‘another’ digital advertising or inbound marketing agency. As a company that specializes in Africa, we built ourselves from the ground up – so we appreciate the effort, sweat and tears that go into being beyond average, if you’re interested in testing, measuring and working hard with us to really build your brand and your revenues- then we’ll be a good match. If we don’t know that we can do an outstanding job for you – we won’t waste your time!

Once upon a time in a little town, far away along the coast of Tanzania lived two little Ugandan girls, Seanice and Nancy who were curious about the world – they weren’t afraid to try new things even if they failed.

Encouraged by a loving (and very patient!) mother and father – they tried very many things as they were growing up- from selling lemonade (and the neighbor’s juicy guavas!) to starting a company teaching dance to fellow kids.

The two girls went on to travel the world in pursuit of education and when they finished their studies they came together to start a digital advertising agency in their hometown of Uganda as they both had a passion for communication.

They then searched high and low for people as passionate as they were – who were interested in one thing – GREAT RESULTS and excellence in everything they did.

Together they formed a formidable team comprised of designers, account managers, coders, developers, community managers, communication experts and more!

Nancy then left the company in the hands of Séanice as she pursued an amazing divergent career path that landed her in London with the BBC.

Thanks to growing up and working all over Africa, the two sisters expanded to 4 more African Countries, and, fueled by a desire to always do their best; Seanice and Nancy realized that their job was to find SOLUTIONS – using what they knew and ways to help vibrant, passionate companies reach the people that could really benefit from what they had to offer!

The two sisters went through many dark and harrowing days that put their optimism and faith to the test and yet somehow with each other, their client and work family, husband’s, communities and friends to lean on – they keep on going and they stay hungry.

Maybe you will be the next addition to our story arc?

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Our Purpose

We live the Blu Philosophy.
We live the Blu Philosophy

Our Work

Blu flamingo works across multiple industry sectors including; Not for Profit, Social Security, Automotive, Beauty & Health, Consumer Goods & Electronics, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail and Tourism.