What motivates us

‘The real problem is not that digital technology doesn’t increase productivity, but that its impact hasn’t spread far enough. ‘Greg Satell’

At the heart of Blu Flamingo is an entrepreneurial spirit that utilises the inbound marketing tenets to help our clients grow.  The possibilities that digital affords organisations is mind-blowing, from genuinely connecting with consumers to building a personality, to e-commerce, customer education, and more. The thing is – it also means that brands are no longer in charge of their own image- this power is now shared equally with the consumer.

As a result, we are privileged to find ways to navigate this ‘new world’ and that is what we live to do.

We don’t work as hard as we do every day to be just ‘another’ digital advertising or inbound marketing agency. As a company that specializes in Africa, we built ourselves from the ground up – so we appreciate the effort, sweat and tears that go into being beyond average, if you’re interested in testing, measuring and working hard with us to really build your brand and your revenues- then we’ll be a good match. If we don’t know that we can do an outstanding job for you – we won’t waste your time!

A ‘get to know you’ meeting!

We just want to know what your challenges are, what you’ve tried before, if we can help, and even more importantly if we could be a good fit.

Competitive Analysis report Marketing opportunities analysis

If we think we can help you, we’ll put together a thorough competitive analysis report, think of this as a blueprint based on research and planning as well as running some sophisticated tools through your current efforts, helping us figure out where you are in relation to other players in the industry, where you should be headed and where you eventually want to be.

After the initial meeting we would take time to immerse ourselves in your brand and your way of working to align ourselves.


What we want to do is get the quick fixes and low hanging fruit out of the way tout de suite and settle into the business of putting together a specific, measurable long term plan complete with goals.

And away we go

Our focus is on setting up scalable growth opportunities. We want to maximize your digital marketing, your understanding of it and how it contributes to your bottom line to make sure this is an area that speaks to other parts of your business and adds value seamlessly - let’s really track the ROI .

Consistent monitoring learning and improving

Our team starts to apply insights gleaned from working on your brand to incrementally improve marketing efforts and see a real leap in efficiencies and performance.

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